Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and help Uplay fulfill its mission to promote health, well-being, and enhance communities through the provision of educational disc golf programs.

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There are a number of ways you can make a difference!


Donate Monthly

Making a regular donation is one of the best ways to support what you’re passionate about. Your monthly donation helps feed our mission. 

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Donate Once

Your support is helping get more discs into more hands and helping UPlay Disc Golf to promote health, well-being, and enhance communities.


Donate Discs

The best way to repurpose used disc golf discs is to donate them to UPlay Disc Golf so we can get them into the hands of new players.


Fundraise For Us

Running an event or disc drive is a great way to help support us. Contact us if you'd like to help fundraise for UPlay Disc Golf.

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Birthday Fundraisers

Facebook allows you to run fundraisers! You can run these at any time but most people like to run fundraisers for their birthdays.

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You can also help UPlayDG without even donating.  Simply shop Amazon at and add UPlay Disc Golf as your non-profit.