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Our partners have made it easier than ever to get disc golf into your schools. Uplay is able to offer the lowest prices on the best equipment for schools.

Everyone should have access to free or affordable equipment.


Starter packs starting at $21.99. These packs include a driver, midrange, and a putter. You can get these now at Infinite Discs or contact us on how you can order in bulk. 

Juneau Douglas High School-14.jpg


Portable Baskets are a great option for schools that want to bring disc golf into schools without having to put in a permanent course. Portable baskets don't take up much room and offer flexibility to teachers and coaches.

We have multiple partners who are able to provide you with the right basket for you. Contact us below and we can see how we can help.


If your school needs disc golf bags for easy transportation or to allow students to carry multiple discs, our partner Upper Park Disc Golf has you covered.​

Contact us using the form below to learn more or purchase bags for your school.

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