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Podcast Appearances

Mar 7, 2022

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Uplay Is Getting Kids Fired Up About Disc Golf

Working with students in grades K-12, the Uplay staff, along with select pros on tour teach the youth everything they need to know about the basics of disc golf in one period of their normal gym class. This has shown to be one of the most influential initiatives in the sport to help continue the constant growth of this amazing game!

Dec 16, 2021

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Parked E19 | Growing the Sport for the Next Generation: Uplay Disc Golf

Zoe Andyke, the Executive Director of Uplay Disc Golf, joins Mitch and Hayden on this episode of Parked! Zoe shares all about her beginning in disc golf, touring as a professional, the inception of Uplay, and so many stories along the way.

Dec 3, 2021

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ParTee #36 - The U in Uplay (ft. Zoe Andyke)

Later in the episode Hannah is joined by Zoe Andyke, founder and director of Universal Play Disc Golf, to discuss her vision and inspiration for the company.

Apr 21, 2021

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Uplay Disc Golf - Zoe AnDyke Interview

We invited Zoe AnDyke, the Director of UPlay Disc Golf, onto the show to talk about our recent partnership. We're honored and excited to be working with UPlay to get disc golf into schools and other underserved areas.

Mar 30, 2021

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Zoe AnDyke | S3E15 | Uplay Disc Golf | Infinite Discs

Zoe AnDyke is one of the top FPO players in the world and the founder of Uplay Disc Golf.

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