Community Connect: The Preserve

Updated: Oct 10

Our 8th Community Connect event brings us to the Preserve Championships in Clearwater, MN. As schools are now on summer break, we have decided to impact the local disc golf communities by bringing our show to the tournament venue and hosting a free, fun, and interactive community clinic. Our newly named Program Manager, Dustin Keegan, set up the clinic near the driving range and warm-up practice area for the spectators and families to enjoy. All participants 18 & under received a free disc for joining. We are proud to share that Dustin was joined by Pro Ambassadors Ella Hansen, Paige Pierce, Lydia Lyons, Simon Lizotte, Luke Humphries, and Gannon Buhr, and performed a remarkable demonstration of disc golf shots with style, confidence, and "Big BOOM-Factor," while speaking eloquently to educate the participants during the open Q & A session.

Around 60 participants, including 18 children of all ages came to the event, while 14 of those children chose to take a disc home. The following Sunday the event sold out at 1,200 spectators, making it possible to give 208 more discs out to kids as they arrived at the course, for a grand total of 222 discs given away at the event!

This brings our official total of children introduced and taught about the sport of disc golf to 1,737 kids, 18 and under. The number of adults, educators, and family members taught rises to 174, and the total number of discs given to kids to take home is up to an outstanding 1,657!

With Summer being such a transitional time, Uplay is very excited to try a variety of events seeking to create the biggest impact in the communities we visit. Uplay would like to give a very special thank you to the DGPT and Upper Park for helping Power the Uplay-Mobile, Flolander! We are just over the halfway mark on our specialized teaching tour and are honored that the DGPT has been such a big boost through all 17,800 miles. Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to sharing our next update!

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