Community Connect: DGLO

Another elite series event equals another amazing Uplay Community Connect event. Uplay was honored to spread the joy and love of disc golf during one of the largest attended events of the year, the Discraft Great Lakes Open!

On Saturday, July 30th, we hosted our community clinic directly after the MPO finished their round. We were blessed with the attendance of 25 children and their parents or chaperones, for around a total of 60 people who participated in our clinic. All 25 kids received a UDisc x Uplay disc and a Trash Panda mini for attending. Dustin Keegan led an interactive clinic with fellow Uplay Pro Ambassadors Ella Hansen and Cynthia Ricciotti and it was definitely more like our normal school visits as Dustin set up putting and throwing skill-building drills, and went through the step-by-step instructions from our Uplay Disc Golf Basics teaching guide.

The kids were very engaged and had so much fun showcasing their throwing and putting skills. After going through the skills progression multiple times, we ended the hour-long clinic with a super fun and high-energy Ring-of-Fire game, where the kids had many chances to win exciting prizes from E.R.I.C, Whale Sacs, Disc Dots, and Uplay. The reception was amazing and everyone left in high spirits and stoked to come back on Sunday to watch the exciting finish of the event.

After this event, our totals have been raised to 1,930 discs donated to children, while we've been able to teach 1,800 different children so far during the first 10 events of the season. The future is really bright for disc golf. These kids are totally getting the disc golf bug and we can't wait to see them on the tour soon!

Next Stop: Ledgestone!

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