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Updated: Oct 27

Our 15th and final Community Connect teaching event in partnership with the Disc Golf Pro Tour was Tuesday, October 11th. Uplay chose to teach at Winding Springs Elementary, a Title 1 school located exactly one Full-Send away from Tournament Hole #16's green! This school officially sets the record for the closest to the event yet!

I am thrilled to report that 23 different touring Pro's taught with Uplay throughout this season, and we were once again joined for the 15th event by Dustin Keegan, Ella Hansen, Missy Gannon, Thomas Gilbert, Luke Humphries, and Angie on the social media capture.

We were delighted to have another 100% participation rate among all students, plus another enthusiastic PE teacher and District Administrator joining the Fun all day.

Our final tally of Children, Educators, Parents, and other adults impacted by this magnificent program:

Children Pre-K - 12th grade: 3,699

Teachers and Administrators: 43

Putters that were given to children with UDisc QR code to app: 2,753

Adults taught @ summer Programs: 278

There were 22 Discmania Active target baskets, and 330 starter sets, totaling 990 discs donated to schools this year!

There were thousands of people of all ages and all walks of life that got to experience a day filled with joy- that the game of disc golf naturally brings to us ALL. Moments that make a real difference and that cause each individual to feel happiness for that special time spent learning and challenging themselves to play, and better yet experience individual SUCCESS!

Please, visit our Flickr page for more smiles from the entire disc golf season!

We'd like to give another HUGE Thank You to our 2022 DGPT Community Connect Partners for their support of these amazing programs. Thank you to the Disc Golf Pro Tour, UDisc, Discmania, DiscDot, Trash Panda, and E.R.I.C. On to our last Community Connect of the season at the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championships in Charlotte!

Thank you to Uplay's Partners for allowing us to continue doing what we love: Upper Park Disc Golf, Little Hop Brewing, Paige Pierce, PDGA, Infinite Discs, Grow iT Disc Golf, Whale Sacs, Thought Space Athletics, and Birdie Fuel.

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