Community Connect: MVP Open x3

Updated: Oct 27

What an incredible week at the starting place of the Disc Golf Pro Tour, Maple Hill Disc Golf Course! We are thrilled to leave such a huge impression on the Greater Worcester area. We received multiple requests from schools to be chosen for the Community Connect and ultimately visited 3 locations. We are happy to report the growth and popularity of our wonderful program!

First off, through the connection of DGPT's own Matt Lavelle, we scheduled his alma mater, Auburn High School, on Tuesday 9/20 for our interactive PE classroom experience and demonstration. The high school shares the gym facility with 2 other schools, so as an added bonus to our combined 9th-11th grade classes taught, there were 3 elementary classes that watched our demonstration as well.

The high school students all received a Uplay x UDisc putter (60), and a Trash Panda mini to take home, while the school received 2 baskets and 30 starter sets + our Uplay curriculum for their PE programs. The PE teacher, Mr. Pratt, informed us that 712 students will recive disc golf education throughout this school year! WOW!!!

Uplay's core teaching team of Dustin Keegan, Ella Hansen, and myself were joined by local pro, new to Uplay's Ambassador team, Kyle Moriarty, who has always been a huge supporter of Uplay's work!

On Wednesday 9/23, we were able to schedule one of the DGPT's rising stars, Casey White's elementary school, Lura A. White Elementary, in Shirley, MA.

Casey's mother worked in the school district for 20 years and Casey reached out to us at the start of the year to see if we could make this happen during the MVP Open week. Ambassadors Dustin, Casey, and myself taught all of grades 4 and 5, totaling 100 more kids. All students happily chose to take home a Uplay x UDisc putter and an E.R.I.C mini home, while the school received 20 starter sets (due to max class size), 2 baskets and our curriculum. Most of the administrative staff and a few parents of the students also joined in on the fun. It was an extremely motivating day and especially cool to witness both Casey's mother and grandmother watching him be a hero- teaching the sport he loves at the school he went to growing up. A total full circle moment:)

With 10 starter sets and 23 Udisc putters remaining in our inventory, Uplay had one more stop to make at Millbury Jr./Sr. High. One of the teachers, named Steve Economos, is currently teaching a disc golf unit in PE and had communicated previously to me that they were short on proper equipment. Uplay happily delivered the 53 discs and a curriculum book, knowing how awesome it was that so many students will continue to be introduced and taught this great game.

Thank you to our Community Connect Partners: Disc Golf Pro Tour, UDisc, Discmania, DiscDot, Trash Panda, and E.R.I.C. On to our last Community Connect of the season at the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championships in Charlotte!

Thank you to Uplay's Partners for allowing us to continue doing what we love: Upper Park Disc Golf, Little Hop Brewing, Paige Pierce, PDGA, Infinite Discs, Grow iT Disc Golf, Whale Sacs, Thought Space Athletics, and Birdie Fuel.

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