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Every day is Earth Day, and now you can help Uplay’s FUNdraising efforts through recycling! We have teamed up with Oregon BottleDrop so you can put your refundable bottles towards our mission to promote health and well being through the provision of disc golf. Here are TWO OPTIONS for you to participate (note participating BottleDrop locations are located in Oregon, mainly within the Willamette Valley region):

OPTION 1 DONATE VIA BOTTLE DROP using your Individual BottleDrop Account:

Visit https://www.bottledropcenters.com/donate-nonprofits/

Click the orange “Search nonprofits” button, type “Universal Play Disc Golf,” then click on the orange “Learn More” button, then the orange “Donate” button which will let you donate from your BottleDrop account balance.

If you need to set up an Individual BottleDrop account, visit https://www.bottledropcenters.com/your-bottledrop-account/


Send an EMAIL to contact.uplaydg@gmail.com with your name, address and how many bags you would like (min. 5, max. 20), and we will send the bags to you via mail.

Then just FILL UP the bags with your all your refundable bottles worth 10 cent bottle deposits (no need to sort).

You can then DROP OFF the bags directly at a BottleDrop or partner retailer location. The labels on the FUNdraiser Blue Bags can be used to open the secure drop door between 6am and 10pm for easy drop off.

After bags are dropped off (max 10/day), the label is scanned and the FUNds are credited directly to Universal Play Disc Golf’s account.

Uplay representatives will have BottleDrop Blue Bags on hand to distribute at upcoming Oregon-based disc golf events! We may offer collection of full bags at a future event as well. Stay tuned! What a great way to start off the new year!

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