Uplay in Alaska 2022

It is with great honor and pride that I deliver to you the SE Alaskan Impact report, delivered by Uplay in partnership with the Juneau Disc Golf Club.

Team Uplay, consisting of Zoe AnDyke, Dustin Keegan, and Tanner LaBelle, started the trip by traveling to 5 schools throughout the area; Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School, Thunder Mountain High School, and Juneau Youth Services in Juneau, along with schools in Haines and Skagway. In total, we introduced 474 students and 15 educators to the sport and taught the basic techniques of how to properly throw and play disc golf.

At all 6 school locations, Uplay Disc Golf staff and volunteers came and delivered an introduction to the sport and the basic skills necessary to play disc golf. All of the public schools were left with 20 starter sets of discs (driver, mid-range, and putters for a total of 60 discs each), and both of the Juneau schools were given 2 baskets each, Skagway 1 basket, and the 2 for Haines are in transit!! The Juneau Youth Services program was left with discs donated by the DIA via JDGC.

All of the schools will also receive a copy of the Uplay Disc Golf Basics book as well.

Testimonials from teachers and school staff members reported the students absolutely loved this new activity, parents were thrilled to hear about it, and ALL committed to continuing teaching disc golf in their school curriculums this year- and for many years to come!!

On Saturday, May 7th, there was a Mother's Day community clinic held at Aant'iyeik DGC that drew in 13 Women, 3 of which were junior girls. That clinic was a two-part special delivery by Uplay staff; first for the entire JDGC club and new potential members, and second specifically for just the females in the group. Different prizes and free gifts were handed out to all female participants for joining the fun!

The next of the community clinics took place in Haines, AK on Sunday, May 8th, bringing out 11 total club and local players. Lifelong friendships were made, and support avenues offered by Uplay were established for the club for disc golf education and equipment. Club Leaders Luck and Dennis Durr claim that the entire town of Haines was changed and positively impacted forever by Uplays educational programs coming to visit!!

Our next community clinic brings us to Skagway, AK. on the evening of Tuesday, May 10th. We were completely shocked that 32 participants joined in to learn about the basic skills and how to improve at the disc golf demonstration that Uplay put on at the community course. More than 1/2 of the attendees were brand new to playing. Club members and Uplay staff were able to give away new and lightly used discs to 7 new players- bags included!! Before leaving Skagway, local council members gave the thumbs up for Uplay course designer, Dustin Keegan, to start designing a new community course map and proposal for equipment.

Finally, our last Community clinic held was held back in Juneau, drawing in more than 25 participants that were both New and very advanced at playing disc golf. Kids and families left with new discs and gift cards to buy some, while club members gained more awareness of their local efforts and introduced more players!

Here are our totals for this 10 day teaching adventure:

Juneau Schools-

DZ Middle School: 148 students

Thunder Mt. High School: 112 students

Juneau Youth Services: 15 Students

plus 11 teachers/ staff members

Haines School: 150 students, 2 teachers

Skagway School: 49 students, 2 teachers

Totals: 474 students and 15 educators

So many big wins, amazing impact, and just plain making this corner of SE Alaska a healthier and happy place all through the amazing vehicle of disc golf.

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