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Uplay Disc Golf Basics

Uplay Disc Golf Basics breaks down individual skills step-by-step with detailed instructions to perform basic techniques to play disc golf. The figures and examples included in each chapter, help illustrate the information making it easy to understand and learn.

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Zoē AnDyke

Uplay Founder


Dustin Keegan

Uplay Lead Pro Ambassador


Valarie Jenkins

4x World Champion

Uplay Disc Golf Basics is the official teaching guide of Universal Play Disc Golf (Uplay). Uplay, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 2017 by disc golf professional and gifted teacher, Zoē AnDyke. The organization was created for the purpose of improving the health and well-being of communities everywhere by introducing and teaching correctly the sport of disc golf throughout the world. This fundamental guide is the result of over 20 years of professional experience in playing and teaching disc golf.


The fun and interactive drills create a strong and natural comradery among students while teaching core values of respect, integrity, honesty, confidence, and sportsmanship. We hope you enjoy the process of learning and playing this fun outdoor activity with family and friends.

Supported By Disc Golf's Biggest Stars


Throughout each exercise, safety is considered to help prevent injuries and assist with classroom control creating the most conducive learning environment. The information provided in each chapter gives educators an opportunity to simply introduce the material, or develop a 9 or 18-week teaching unit. 

Learn About

  • The basic techniques to play disc golf
  • The proper terminology in the sport of disc golf
  • How to introduce the material and teach each skill progression
  • How to properly warm up the body for the sport of disc golf
  • How to set up and perform drills for skill building
  • About the equipment necessary to teach disc golf
  • How to acquire proper disc golf equipment

Purchase Your Copy

Start teaching your students or club members the sport of disc golf with Uplay's Disc Golf Basics teaching guide. 

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